Nick In Space

A fun filled adventure with Nick and Alex, with their little dog, Penny, using their make believe space ship exploring everyday items through their own eyes. Adding some twists to defend their ship from destruction from the giant hairball or getting caught in the Space Nebula forever.

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Kids Story Book

Space is limitless so are the children minds. This book is about a kid’s journey to endless space but not everything is going perfect. In his journey the boy will explore the space, learn new words and most importantly defeat some big ugly monsters.

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English Book For Children

Nick in Space is the story of two boys and their little dog who used their bunk bed as an imaginary spaceship to explore the universe.

They explore the Venus Fly Trap, Space Nebula, Kitty Mountain, and the Milky Way encountering some bumps and detours along the way but in the end, they return home safe and sound.