As many twists and turns life may throw at you, I always am thankful for my family and the things I have.  I always remember that to treasure the little things as you never know when they might be gone.   I learned to use the things I have to make life a little easier and use my imagination to bring a smile to smile to someone’s face.

About the Author Debra Smidel

Debra Smidel was born and raised in a small agricultural rural town in Northeast Wisconsin along the shores of Lake Michigan and attended high school there.

She studied business at a local technical college. After years in the business world, her boss retired, and she decided to take a step back and enjoy life. However, she was involved in a serious auto accident which made her rethink what important in her life. After her semi-recovery, she married and had two boys.

In her spare time, she decided to write children’s books. When she not writing, she can be found spending time with her kids or working on her husband’s farm where she obtains ideas in everyday items and/or events in her writing. Debra is the author of Nick in Space and currently lives in her hometown with her husband, two boys, two crème color retrievers and two cats.